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curtain call edited Short Ladies


It’s the ladies turn at the rink! A female version of the award winning play. Once again it’s a comedy as 8 women battle in the championship game 7 of the Woman’s League all while dealing with mid-life problems, friendships, chocolate, beer, and hockey.


Ty, has faced a difficult life and is in need of some quick cash so he and his girlfriend, Candy attempt their first Home Invasion. Unfortunately, they have picked the wrong house. The home of Hank and Nancy. A retired couple who seem to know more about guns and violence then they do. Who is really controlling this madcap evening and who will come out on top?

March 16 016


 A comedy about lost dreams and second chances. It explores the trials and tribulations of middle aged men’s lives and most importantly, it is a story about friendship and to what ends we would go for our friends and the pursuit of their dreams. Shorthanded won the Playwrights Guild of Canada Best New Comedy Award2012!



    A  laugh out loud comedy about love, relationships and communication. Norman and Ruth attempt to rekindle their marriage. The plan, return to a place where they remember being in love, The Bear Bones Family Campground. Arriving late, they wake to discover that the  campground has changed over the years too!

Hamish 2 177


 A heart-warming comedy about family and love. Kelli books a trip for her overworked husband, Gordon and herself to his ancestor’s former homestead in the Scottish Highlands. She plans to announce some big news but something bigger is afoot as they discover a deceased ancestor has not yet left home. This gang is set to the task of saving the homestead from a rival clan and preserving it in the family name.