The Buzz

Hamish 2 189“… had a lot of good laughs and a great message.” – The Kincardine News

“Grant has a great sense of character and the ridiculous… There are several traces of Norm Foster at his best in Grant’s writing.” – The Wellington Advertiser

“Grant manages to find humour in what happens in life.” – The Fountain Pen

Video Camera“…had the entire full house rocking in an uproar of laughter” – Large Stage Live

“It’s clear why Shorthanded was chosen as the best new comedy by the Playwrights Guild of Canada.”       -The Elmira Independent

“Though BB Bones is a comedy, it’s not just a string of jokes. The premise is a much deeper human experience” -Woodstock Sentinel Review

“Bone Shakingly Funny” – The Post

“A very funny, witty comedy in the style of Norm Foster” – G. Graham (Director)